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Pre Roll Packaging Tubes

Outstanding products can indeed speak for themselves, but first, they have to get into the hands of consumers. This means competing with other brands and products, and attractive, professional packaging is a big part of the equation.

The CaliDrip proudly supplies dealers, dispensaries, and private consumers with a wide range of packaging options, as well as equipment and accessories like rolling trays, bongs, grinders, and storage containers.

Pre-roll packaging tubes are a great way to present products and deliver the quality consumers seek. Why choose The CaliDrip for wholesale pre-roll tubes?

What You Get with Pre-Roll Packaging

Packaging could be as simple as a sealed bag or entail a more complex, tamper-proof system. When consumers choose pre-rolls over loose flower, they’re typically interested in convenience.

However, it’s decidedly inconvenient when a pre-roll joint gets damaged due to inferior packaging. This is where robust and attractive pre-roll tubes come in, and several brands offer options for retailers. What can you expect when you purchase wholesale pre-roll tubes from The CaliDrip?

An Expansive Selection of Attractive Packaging

We partner with a range of suppliers to offer attractive pre-roll packaging tubes. Among our inventory are several appealing options from popular brands like Packwoods and Jeeter.

You’ll find eye-catching, branded packaging for some of the most popular products, providing every opportunity to attract consumer attention, create eye-catching displays, and boost sales.

Comprehensive Packaging Kits

You have many options when it comes to pre-roll packaging, with a variety of kits, price points, and options for purchase volume. Some kits include a simple tube with a plastic cap and reflective, branded sticker.

Others include much more, such as an additional rubber cap, a tamper sticker, and outer packaging with branded images and product information. In short, it’s everything you need to safely and effectively display products and inform consumers about what they’re purchasing.

Benefits of Using Pre-Roll Packaging Tubes

Can you throw pre-rolls in a sealed plastic baggie and call it a day? Sure, but this isn’t the safest retail strategy, and it doesn’t offer much in the way of attracting consumer attention.

When you choose dispensary pre-roll packaging from The CaliDrip, you have the opportunity to meet multiple goals. What are the benefits of choosing pre-roll packaging tubes?

Preserve Product

When sealed, packing tubes provide an effective means of preserving the product. Airtight baggies could offer the same protection against air and moisture, but the rigid tubing ensures products won’t get bent, crushed, or otherwise damaged during handling.

The addition of outer packaging for tubes helps to eliminate any potential threat from sunlight as well.

Ensure Tamper-Proof Displays

Not all pre-roll tubes come with a tamper sticker, but those that do can help make products more attractive to consumers concerned about product safety. While this addition to packaging won’t necessarily stop someone from tampering with products, it will inform you when tampering has occurred.

Elevate Your Brand Image

Any sealed bag or container will serve as packaging for a product, but you want your dispensary pre-roll packaging to display the prestige of your brand. Professional packaging contributes to an image of competence and expertise and creates a certain level of trust with consumers, helping to elevate your brand and encourage sales.

Save with Wholesale Pre Roll Tubes

Packaging can be an expensive part of preparing to sell products in the retail environment. This is why The CaliDrip is pleased to offer wholesale pricing, with options to purchase the volume of tubes that meets your particular needs.

You can start with as few as ten tubes per order or opt for 50, 100, or even 500 tubes for popular products. The more you order, the more you save.

Other Products We Offer

When it comes to managing a dispensary, pre-roll packaging is just one of the many items you may need to display goods and support consumer demands. This is why The CaliDrip offers a range of other packaging options, as well as equipment and accessories.

Mylar Bags

Our vast selection of mylar bags for flower includes a range of attractive, branded packaging with airtight seals and a tamper-proof design.
Choose from 3.5-gram, quarter-pound, full-pound, edible, and other bags, with options to purchase packs of one, five, 10, 25, 50, 100, 500, or 1,000. These premium quality bags are ideal for flower display and sale.

Custom Bags

Dealers and dispensaries that grow their own products may be interested in designing custom-branded packaging to compete with other brands on their shelves. The CaliDrip is pleased to help you create the custom bags, jars, or tubes that best support your business and promote your products.


While pre-rolls don't require additional equipment to enjoy, dispensaries selling other cannabis products, such as flower and concentrates, may want to offer equipment like bongs and rigs to ensure consumer satisfaction. The CaliDrip has an extensive collection of glassware available for retailers and consumers alike.


Fun, funky, and effective trays make it easy to sort and roll product. These trays are available for both retail clients and private consumers.


High-quality grinders offer simple, intuitive operation and are designed to prevent spills. Whether you want to add them to your retail line-up or you’re seeking an option for personal use, you’re sure to appreciate the selection at The CaliDrip.


Jars, tubes, and pop tops offer an easy way to separate and store loose flower and other products. The CaliDrip offers a wide selection of containers for retail or personal use.

Why Choose the CaliDrip for Dispensary Pre-Roll Tubes

At The CaliDrip, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive collection of packaging, equipment, and accessories that deliver the quality retailers and consumers expect at wholesale prices you can afford. We deliver packaging for the most popular brands and products, as well as opportunities to create custom packaging for your own goods.

If you have any questions concerning wholesale pre-roll tubes or other packaging, or you’re interested in crafting your own branded packaging for in-house products, contact us today to learn more and take advantage of competitive pricing.

Packwoods Packaging

Founded in 2017, Packwoods has quickly become a popular choice for cannabis products, thanks to a commitment to high quality and consistency. Dealers and retail dispensaries alike gain many benefits by adding Packwoods extract-infused flower pre-rolls to their inventory, meeting consumer demand in the process.

Popular collaborations like the Packwoods Cookies line offer both delectable strains and creative packaging. At The CaliDrip, we’re pleased to offer a range of product packaging at wholesale pricing, with a laundry list of pre-roll tubes for Packwoods products. What can you expect when you order from our premium inventory?

Packwoods Cookies and Other Packaging

As your trusted supplier of premium packaging and smoke shop equipment, The CaliDrip is where to buy Packwoods packaging for the most popular pre-rolls. Our selection of packaging kits delivers comprehensive displays that grab attention on shelves and keep products fresh and safe prior to sale.

We provide branded packaging for a range of Packwoods collaborations and products, so you can stock dispensary shelves with the high-demand goods that your customers are clamoring for.

Popular Collaborations

One major draw with Packwoods is the company’s willingness to collaborate on special products with other cannabis companies. The Packwoods Cookies line features a number of desirable strains, including Gary Payton, Grenadine, Pink Rozay, and more.

Other collaborations with popular brands like Backpack Boyz, Seven Leaves, Joke’s Up, and more have yielded similarly enticing products and visually stunning packaging. You’ll find a range of packaging for customer faves at The CaliDrip, with options for wholesale pricing that mean you save more when you buy more.

Full Kit Packaging

When it comes to providing everything you need to deliver Packwoods Cookies or other products in safety and style, full kit packaging is where it’s at.
You could sell pre-rolls in sealed baggies or simple tubes, but when you want to impress customers with packaging as unique as the product itself, the pre-roll tube packaging for Packwoods strains delivers both premium function and eye-catching appeal.

Kits include a standard tube, plastic cap, and reflective sticker but also throw in a rubber cap, a tamper sticker, and outer box packaging with tons of product information, not to mention a beautifully branded exterior. It really is the whole package, and it helps protect and promote some of the most popular products on your shelves.

Benefits of Purchasing Packwoods Packaging

Whether you’re buying packaging for items from the Packwoods Cookies line or other fun collaborations, you’ll find that the way you display products has an impact on how consumers view the products and your brand. Professional packaging delivers a range of benefits that help to encourage sales and ensure customer satisfaction.

Pre-roll tubes are designed to preserve product freshness, seal away air and moisture, and protect blunts from potential harm like bending or crushing, so consumers get their pre-rolls fresh and intact. The addition of a tamper sticker lets you know when a product has been tampered with, helping you ensure consumer safety.

High-quality, branded packaging also attracts buyers and conveys a level of professionalism that elevates your own brand. Don’t forget; The CaliDrip also offers wholesale pricing. You can purchase Packwoods pre-roll packaging in volumes of 10, 50, 100, or 500 tubes, with greater savings the more you buy.

Other Packaging, Equipment, and Accessories

At The CaliDrip, we understand that you have many packaging and support needs for your retail operation, and we proudly cater to dealers and dispensary clients, as well as consumers seeking equipment and accessories. Now that you know where to buy Packwoods packaging, you’ll be happy to learn that you can get everything you need in one place. What other premium products will you find at The CaliDrip?

Mylar Bags

Robust and cost-effective mylar bags offer an ideal means of protecting and displaying flower, edibles, and more, with packaging that seals in freshness and delivers the safety of a tamper-proof design. The CaliDrip offers a range of mylar bag sizes and designs, with options to purchase anywhere from 1 to 1,000 bags.

Custom Bags

If your operation offers in-house strains, edibles, and more, you may be looking for high-quality, professional, branded packaging for your proprietary goods. The CaliDrip is pleased to provide the option for custom package creation to meet your every storage, display, and promotional need.


Whether you’re looking to ensure that customers have access to needed equipment or you’re a private consumer interested in purchasing premium glassware, you’ll find a wide range of bongs and rigs at The CaliDrip. Pre-rolls offer convenient consumption, but additional equipment may be needed for those who prefer flower or concentrates.


Sorting strains and rolling joints is made easier with the right accessories, and The CaliDrip offers an array of fun and funky trays for these purposes. Add function to your dispensary operation, offer them for sale to customers, or purchase them for your personal use.


A thoughtfully designed grinder might not be worth its weight in gold, but it certainly adds convenience and efficiency to the preparation and consumption process. The right models will offer clever features like spill-proof construction, intuitive function, and a built-in magnifying lens and LED, for example.


Keeping flower fresh is made easier with the right containers. Whether you’re looking for jars, vials, pop tops, or other options, you’ll find an expansive variety of containers at The CaliDrip that are perfect for home or retail use.

The CaliDrip: Where to Buy Packwoods

The CaliDrip is your one-stop shop for Packwoods Cookies and other popular packaging. We’re committed to delivering the quality, selection, and value dealers, dispensaries, and consumers crave, and with wholesale pricing, you’ll get everything you need at competitive rates.

Whether you’re looking for mylar bags, pre-roll tubes, or equipment and accessories to round out your inventory and ensure you have everything customers need, you’ll find the premium products and affordable pricing you prefer when you partner with The CaliDrip for needed supplies.

Contact us today to learn more about Packwoods Cookies packaging and other premium products or to inquire about wholesale pricing.