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Backpack Boyz Cutout Bag 3.5G Mylar Bags

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Backpack Boyz Cutouts Packaging: 3.5 gram Mylar Bags

Elevate your product presentation with our Backpack Boyz Cutouts Packaging – where urban style meets top-notch functionality. Crafted exclusively for trendsetters and trailblazers, these 3.5-gram Mylar bags echo the rebellious spirit of the streets, embodying the Backpack Boyz' unique essence.

Authentic Street Flair: Drawing cues from the urban legends of the Backpack Boyz, our design boasts edgy backpack cutouts set against a sleek backdrop. Reflecting streetwear aesthetics and graffiti art, the bags channel a raw, unapologetic vibe that resonates with the modern youth and those young at heart.

Premium Protection: Ensuring your products are shielded in style, these bags are fabricated using superior Mylar. This top-grade material acts as a fortress against potential spoilage factors like moisture, oxygen, and UV rays. Your contents stay fresh, potent, and authentic, preserving their innate quality and essence.

Convenience & Consciousness: The resealable feature ensures that users can access their products with ease and seal them back to retain freshness. In line with the conscious choices of today's generation, our Backpack Boyz Mylar bags are produced using environmentally-friendly materials, advocating for a greener, cleaner planet.

Versatile Utility: While the design salutes the Backpack Boyz, the bags' utility isn't limited. They are perfect for an array of products, be it botanicals, snacks, or novelty items, offering unparalleled protection and pizzazz.


Empty Reusable BackPack Boyz Mylar Bag:

  • Capacity: 3.5 grams
  • Design: Iconic Backpack Boyz cutouts and graphics
  • Material: Elite Mylar
  • Features: Resealable, and user-friendly
  • Soft touch feel 
  • Premium Quality
  • Sold in 5, 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000 Pack options

Dive into a world where urban charisma meets unparalleled quality with our Backpack Boyz Cutouts 3.5 gram Mylar Bags. When you choose this packaging, you’re not just opting for a bag; you're joining a movement, a style, and a statement. Make your mark with us!