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Weed Grinders

Good old-fashioned grinders have been helping stoners roll up exceptional joints for decades, which makes them a great cannabis accessory to either own yourself or to stock the shelves of your smoke shop.

However, these basic devices have nothing on the newer upgraded grinders that exist today. If you want to keep up with cannabis culture, you should know all about these game-changing accessories.

The Cali Drip offers a wide selection of high-quality, convenient weed grinders and rollers, as well as egrinders for both personal use and for wholesale purchases.

Cannabis enthusiasts are always looking for ways to make their experience faster, easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable, and these products offer exactly that — and at an affordable price.

Wholesale Weed Grinders of All Kinds

At The Cali Drip, we serve both the end user and the businesses that supply them with the cannabis products they are looking for. If you fall into the latter category, you should know that we offer highly competitive wholesale prices on all of our products, including our weed grinder selection.

When you buy from us, you’ll be receiving great quality products from reliable brands at the kind of prices that won’t shave your margins down to almost nothing. If you’d like to know more about our wholesale pricing, don’t hesitate to reach out and speak with one of our representatives.

Our Weed Grinder Selection

There’s nothing wrong with your standard analog weed grinder. In fact, we sell a ton of them at The Cali Drip. However, when you see what some of our automatic weed grinders are able to do, you’re more than likely to be intrigued at the very least and utterly amazed at the most.


Anyone who’s ever seen a coffee bean grinder has probably wondered why they don’t make weed grinders automatic, too. Now they do. Egrinders are electric weed grinders that come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Some egrinders look quite similar to a traditional grinder, only they’ve got a button on them that automates the weed shredding. Others are far larger and capable of grinding greater quantities of weed, while still others are electric drill-shaped and have a dispenser at the end of them for easy and mess-free dispensing.

Weed Grinders and Rollers

No, they didn’t just make weed grinders automatic. They’ve also made them capable of helping you roll up a precision joint with the greatest of ease.

Weed grinders and rollers can grind up your weed and then fill up a pre-roll cone so that when all is said and done, you’re the proud owner of the cleanest, easiest joint you’ve ever (sort of) rolled.

Weed grinders and rollers contain a chamber in which you can insert a pre-roll cone, then insert the flower buds and begin the process of grinding them up. By the time you’re done grinding, the weed will have filled up the pre-roll cone, and it will be ready for you to twist it up and start smoking.

Other Items that Pair Well with a Weed Grinder

Weed grinders are great cannabis accessories, but they’re just that – accessories. If you’re planning on purchasing one or more, you would do well to stock up on some other things as well. Weed itself is a crucial ingredient, of course, but there are a few other items that you should strongly consider, including:


Grinding just enough weed for the immediate smoke session can ultimately start to feel like a bit of a hassle, particularly if you’re a frequent smoker. Therefore, it can be a great idea to do a bunch of grinding all at once and then store it away for later use.

When you do that, though, you’ll need some sort of container to store it safely. We’ve got vials, cone tubes, and containers for doing just that.

Rolling Trays

Customers who don’t opt for the weed grinder and roller will need a flat and comfortable surface to do their rolling on. We’ve got a ton of different rolling trays that can provide that and much more. They come with scales, storage, LED lights, and Bluetooth speakers. There is no more convenient or cooler way to roll one up.


Grinding up your flower before packing it into a bowl piece is the best way to get a clean and even burn — and an exceptionally large hit, if that’s what you’re looking for.

We’ve got all kinds of different bongs that can help put that freshly ground weed to good use, whether you’re looking for the 7-inch minimalist water bong or the nearly two-foot tall self-contained science lab that can seemingly pack a half ounce into a single hit.

Why Choose Us?

There are all kinds of companies selling tons of different grinders and other cannabis gadgets all over the internet, so what makes The Cali Drip a company worth considering?

Great Selection

We’re confident that you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for here because we’ve got a broad selection of high-quality items, and we offer them at affordable prices. We even offer custom-made mylar bags for anyone who can’t seem to find the exact kind of bags they’re looking for anywhere.

Affordable Prices

It’s not enough to simply offer a great selection of high-quality products. They also need to be offered at competitive prices. The Cali Drip provides those competitive prices to all of our customers, and if you’re looking to buy in bulk, we offer even better wholesale pricing.

Great Customer Service

We’re confident that you won’t run into many issues when you’re working with us, but on the off chance that you do, we provide superior customer service that can help you solve the issue as quickly and easily as possible.

What to Learn More?

If you’re interested in The Cali Drip’s selection of weed grinders or any of our other products and you’d like to know more, contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.